Mar 2, 2010 at 8:34 PM

Hello! Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the effort you've put into this little (but awesome) gadget.

However, it's very very good but can i suggest features?

  • Coloured events                                                                                          =>(as in the colours defined by the ics file, e.g. blue for birthdays and red for deadlines)
  • Option to show/hide the calendar and only show the upcoming events list      =>(so the calendar is more compact)
  • Allow the upcoming events list to be seen in undocked mode
  • Make it easier to load local .ics files                                                              =>(i tried linking it to "c:\" "file://" and "file//c:\" and i still cou;dn't get it to load)
  • make it less wide in docked mode                                                                 =>(it spills out of the bar and is not aligned with the other gadgets
  • generally allow resizing options (when 30 day calendar not in view)                 =>(e.g. the optiopn to resize to x pixels wide and y pixels long

Tall order? ha ha, not meaning to be demanding, but i've used a lot of calendar, 'event listers' and they all fall short of the mark. I really feel that this gadget (and you!) have to potential to be perfect.

Amazing work so far and keep up the good work and rock on!  \m_


Mar 3, 2010 at 8:05 AM

Hi, thanks a lot for suggestions! I really want to make the gadget a perfect choice for most of the users, so I am very happy when I get a feedback. I've been already thinking about some of your suggestions but I didn't implement them for some reasons.

Colored events - this feature would be very useful for me as well and I’ve seriously considered implementing it but it's pretty difficult (especially to make an intuitive GUI for color settings). I'm not leaving this idea; maybe it appears in the gadget in the future.

Option to show/hide the calendar; less wide in docked mode; allow resizing - these features are the matter of the gadget skin. In the skin can be defined the hiding of the single line calendar, set the width or height of the gadget and so on. So the solution for you would be a creation of a new skin. It's not a lot of work, so I put it into TODO list and it should be a part of some of the next releases (if you would like to make a graphic design, I can make a skin exactly for you).

Make it easier to load local .ics files - this is a good point. The gadget is capable to load a local ics file but I didn't test it for a long time. I didn't realize that someone would really use this feature. I’ll check it for the next release.

Thanks again for collaboration


Mar 3, 2010 at 11:23 PM
So coding for coloured events is hard and it's hard to implement huh? No wonder that there's no other calendar gadget which supports it... The 'event lister' i've been using for years has been but yahoo's widget engine is a resource hog and there's been no update for ages. I really hope you can work out how to do it... Anyway, awesome stuff, hope for a swift beta release and thanks for a quick reply :)
Mar 4, 2010 at 6:32 AM

I very appreciate your interest, it motivates me. I let you know about future changes and new features. Thanks!