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I just put in the url for the Windows Live Calendar subscription for U.S. Holidays "webcal://calendar.calendar.live.com/calendar/US+Holidays/calendar.ics" and it says today, Nov. 5 is Thanksgiving. Martin Luther King day is also wrong, it has it on January 4th instead of the 18th. Presidents day is also 2 weeks early.
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poulicek wrote Nov 8, 2009 at 9:32 AM

Hi, the gadget does not implement all possible parameters of repeating events. It implements only the subset, which is used by the windows live calendar (it supports only parameters, that are possible to set by creating of repeating events with w. l. calendar service). Your holidays calendar uses a attribute of the repeating events, that wasn't supported by the gadget, but fortunately it wasn't hard to implement it. So it should work now. Thanks for the notice!

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